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Turning Tops into Something Positive

From Litter to Useful School Items

Plastic bottle caps litter our world - and unfortunately our landfills and oceans. But Webster's Ms. Rogahn and her GREEN Team is rallying families to help turn these colorful little pests into something positive...benches! Remind your kids to deposit their caps in the collection bins on the Commons stage, and the Team encourages families to rinse and collect bottle caps at home to send with your students. The Team's goal is to collect enough caps by the end of the year to create a bench for Webster! You'll be surprised by what's collectible, the list includes a lot more than just drink bottle caps!

  • Drink and sports bottle caps (Water, Gatorade, etc.)

  • Flip-top and spout caps (ketchup, mustard)

  • Spray can caps (hair spray, spray paint, deodorant, etc.)

  • Tube and pouch caps (toothpaste, ointment tubes, etc)

  • Container lids (cottage cheese, yogurt, PB, butter containers, Pringles lids, baby and pet food, etc.)

For a complete list of eligible caps, click here

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